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They come in all shapes and sizes, fur colors and lengths, are green or golden-eyed, but all want one thing: a place to call home. There is a great need right now for safe homes for some mature cats in our community. I have just learned that an elderly resident in our area is facing serious health issues, requiring that 22 well-cared-for cats be surrendered, hopefully to good homes within the area.

From what I was told, these are full-grown cats and they have been living as indoor-only pets. They have all been spayed or neutered. It is not known if they are dog-friendly or not. It is not known if they are completely up-to-date on their shots, but having been kept indoors is a plus.

They are mature cats who have been loved and cared for, and who are now facing an uncertain future. If these animals could speak, I imagine they’d agree that comfort begins with security. Knowing that they will have a warm bed to curl up in, a clean place to eat, and care for their health needs is a start. Someone who will provide these basics for a homeless animal is bound to have a good heart, and is likely to receive the reward of trust and companionship — ultimately measured in purrs and warm laps. If you can adopt one of these pet cats, or if you have questions, if you can possibly help in any way, please contact Sally at 434-0209.

Do you notice your pet sneezing, scratching, licking its fur often? Has your pet had runny eyes or red or patchy spots on its skin? Have you noticed peculiar pet behavior since trees and flowers have begun blossoming? Yes, animals can have allergies as humans do, but treating them is not so simple. NEVER give your pet any medicine without consulting with the veterinarian first as to whether it’s safe for your pet or not. What may be safe for humans may cause serious injury or possibly even be fatal to your pet.

Check with your veterinarian if you feel your pet is showing symptoms of an allergy. Make a list of the types of reactions you’ve witnessed, and note when they’ve occurred. Reactions may include scratching, sneezing, licking skin, vomiting or diarrhea, depending on the allergen and how it’s ingested. It may take some detective work to determine what’s causing your pet’s allergies, but if it helps your pet feel better, it’s worth it.

Rabies Vaccinations
There will be a Rabies Clinic (for dogs, cats and ferrets over 3 months of age) on Wednesday, May 19 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Bethel Town Hall Parking lot, 3454 Route 55, White Lake. The cost is $6 per each vaccination. You must bring the current rabies certificate for your pet with you to the clinic in order to receive a 3-year vaccination. Otherwise your pet will get a one-year rabies vaccination. Dr. Agoston of Bethel Animal Clinic will administer the shots. Dogs must be on a leash and cats and ferrets in carriers. For more information contact the Town of Bethel Clerk at 583-4350 ext. 11.



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