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It’s finally Fall

The sound of little cat feet pattering after mice has started again, as rodents try to find warmer places to spend the cooler nights. For those who have new pets in the house this year, keep them well and happy with these tips (a reminder to those who may have foggy memories of last fall)!
•    Be sure your pet is up-to-date on its vaccinations and have the vet check regularly for parasites, including worms, especially if your pet has been snacking on mice and voles.
•    Site your bird feeder so that cats can’t get at the birds, but so you have easy access to fill or clean the feeder. Keep bird seed in a tightly closed container, preferably indoors.
•    If the coolant reservoir in your vehicle is empty, have a mechanic check hoses and the radiator for leaks. Just one teaspoon of antifreeze can be deadly. Soak up spilled coolant with something absorbent and dispose of it in a closed container. Keep your pet away from vehicles.
•    Brush or comb your pet regularly to prevent hair from matting. Keep doing so as heavier fur fills in as colder weather comes. Preventing matted fur will keep your pet warmer.
•    One danger of using over-the-counter rodent poison: if your pet catches and eats a poisoned rodent, your pet will be poisoned too. Spring traps or Hav-a-Hart traps are less likely to hurt your pet, while still helping to rid your home of pesky rodents.
•    Windshield washer fluid can contain methanol or alcohol, which can be toxic. Avoid spills when filling the reservoir and keep pets away from the area.
•    When you get in your vehicle, bang on the hood to warn animals which may have climbed up inside the engine area. Avoid injury to your pet by keeping them out of the garage or driveway when vehicles are warming up in the morning.
•    Halloween candy, especially chocolate, can be poisonous for a pet to eat. Start a routine of examining candy that children bring home on Halloween and then keep it in a place where pets cannot reach it. Teach children not to share any candy with pets.
•    Keep pets indoors on Halloween night, and away from the door that you will open to trick-or-treaters. If you must walk the dog, use a well-fitting harness and leash. A startled pet may run into the road or get lost, so keep a good grip on your pet.
•    When you winterize your swimming pool, keep pets away from the pool until it’s safely covered. Be sure neither pets nor children can get under the pool cover once it’s secured.
•    Keep your pet up-to-date on flea and tick treatments. Vacuum and wash bedding often to prevent fleas from coming back or spreading to carpets or furniture.
•    Don’t be surprised if pets decide to share their warmth when you’re snug in your bed on cold nights. If you want your pet to sleep on the floor, get them a comfortable bed of their own before winter arrives.



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