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One minute

One minute is all it takes. Writer Roxanne Hawn learned the importance of quick action when she had to rescue her family’s dog recently, after it ate paint balls that were not stored away safely. She shares the details of the nearly-fatal event that could have been on her website It reminds me that time is precious. Take a moment to think of what items might be lying about that your pet will have access to between now and New Year’s Eve.

The ASPCA and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) want you to be aware, because every minute does indeed count.

These are items that may pose a risk to your pet if eaten:
alcoholic beverages
chocolate and coffee
fatty foods and table scraps
macadamia nuts
onions and shallots
raisins and grapes
yeast dough (unbaked)
anything made with sweeteners such as xylitol or sorbitol

And I mean anything.

Paint balls are made with, of all things, sorbitol. Roxanne realized this was a hazard as quickly as her dog Lilly began to vomit after eating over 100 paintballs.

Think about it, you may even chew gum made with xylitol or sorbitol and dispose of it where your pet can find it.

This list is provided by the ASPCA:
Christmas tree water (may contain fertilizers and bacteria)
electrical cord
ribbons or tinsel
glass ornaments

My list:
food that has bones – poultry or fish especially
pet biscuits or pet food bones too big for your pet
shellfish, oyster and clam shells
raw eggs or raw fish
tobacco of any kind
plastic shopping bags

Provide your pet with as much of its usual routine over the holidays, including the usual meals and potty breaks. And use the leash, don’t just let them out – a near-tragedy was averted a few weeks ago in Cochecton, where a dog was rescued after plunging into a frozen marsh.

So take a breather and relax. Remember the real reason for the season, and enjoy the time you have with family – including your pets.



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