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The closet clothes cat

It must be nice not to have to decide what to wear every morning. No washing, nor drying, no ironing, no dry cleaning – my kind of maintenance. But having a fur coat might get boring for humans. We seem to need fashion trends in order to impress each other.

Consider the skimpy outfits you might see modeled in fashion magazines. Clothing manufacturers may use less materials to make the clothes, and save on the cost to get their products to the stores. Do they pass the savings on to the consumer? Not likely.

So do we humans protest? Do we say “I’ll just wear last year’s clothes”? Sometimes. But our pets can’t quibble over hemlines, certainly not about the tailoring of their outfits. They must wear their birthday suit from day one to their last breath. Some pet parents dream of an easy way to bathe Spot or Trixie – wouldn’t a coat that could be thrown in the washer and worn to dry be heavenly? Although, then, there’s the worry… does it shrink in the washer? Does fur fall out if you don’t use the delicates cycle?

Maybe giving the dog or cat a real hands-on bath in the bathtub isn’t so bad after all.

We noticed recently that one of our cats had to be trying on our clothes while we weren’t at home. First, there were the telltale cat hairs on my favorite ensemble. The claw marks from climbing between items hung in the closet were another clue. Then I noticed that clothes that were recently washed had just as much cat hair on them as they did when they went into the washer.

Little Miss Daisy was finally caught the other day, all snuggled down in our clean laundry basket, looking innocent, and wrinkling the clothes as she snoozed. So much for wash and wear!

It’s official. She’s a clothing junkie. Too bad she rarely finds anything that fits her.



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