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There seems to be a new wrinkle added to my brain every week or so, the more I learn about pets and their frailties. We have much in common with our non-verbal pals.
The weather has fashioned a bumper crop of microscopic foes this summer, says my people doc. After years of allergy shots, which helped me avoid the spring sneezing and summer wheezing, followed by the fall coughing and winter itching, my body relented. After numerous hot, dry, sunny days, the grass and weed pollens overwhelmed me and brought tears to my eyes. An itchy throat. A continuous tickle in my nose. And the starkly obvious postnasal drip. My voice was reduced to a sultry, Alison-Steele-“Nightbird”-like tone, until I could get decongestants, antihistamines and nose sprays to do their thing.
At about the same time, one of our cats was squelched to a whisper too. Usually a very vocal feline, his silence was a little scary to me. It hadn’t occurred to me that we were both having an immune system reaction – gone haywire. I didn’t hear kitty sneezing nor find his nose runny, but it was unlike him not to answer me with his characteristic meow.
Not even a mew, kind of a squeak instead.
And the gagging, well, it was similar to the hairball-hack he usually has, except that nothing was produced, except a bit of mucus.
Other than that, kitty was eating heartily and drinking okay, and using the litter pan with no unusual results. So a visit to the vet was in order – for this kitty, it was time for a few vaccination updates anyway.
I know that pets can suffer from food allergies, and react to flea bites so much that it may cause fur loss in great quantities. But I was surprised to learn that allergic rhinitis can pester even four-legged creatures.
So after a few doses of a veterinarian-prescribed remedy, kitty was ready to sing again. I’ll keep tabs on his vocal renditions and hope that, like me, his laryngitis dissipates well before yuletide carols  beckon us to join in with the best of them.



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