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‘The horse knows the way…’

“Over the river and through the woods” – and up Route 52 – our relatives will be coming for this holiday’s celebration, to celebrate at our house this year. Here are some of the things we will be careful to do so that our cats can enjoy the visit too.
•    We have no potpourri or fragrance burners in our house as these can be poisonous or irritating to pets. Sometimes pets will try to eat unusual things, so if you do use these, keep them out of reach or securely enclosed.
•    To keep things smelling fresh, I sprinkle some baking soda on the two small area rugs we have and let it stand briefly, then vacuum thoroughly. In years past, I have rented a carpet cleaner but then I must rinse the detergent solution out several times and use a floor fan with the window open to dry them completely, so that there are minimal fumes.
•    No table begging! None of the cats is ever offered people food from the table. Fat scraps are particularly bad, and  bones are put away before they tempt anyone. Small bones can lodge in a pet’s throat and cause choking and suffocation. Larger bones, such as pork chops or beef bones, can have sharp edges if chewed on. If you do offer bones, keep an eye on your pet while they’re gnawing on them, and take away what’s left over when they’re finished.
•    No shellfish, nor oyster or clam shells – they’re sharp too
•    No raw eggs nor raw fish for pets either
•    Plastic shopping bags are off-limits. If chewed and swallowed, they can cause intestinal obstruction. Pets can also get hurt if a bag completely covers their head and they can’t shake it loose. They may run into walls or fall down stairs or suffocate.
•    Pet food bags are cut in half and put in the garbage, as well as potato chip bags or other snack bags. Pets can get their heads stuck inside these types of bags too, and the risk of suffocation is great.
•    Small boxes, like empty tissue boxes, are flattened and put in the recycling bin to prevent similar mishaps.
•    Small children are encouraged to pet only those pets who like attention. The cats are encouraged to nap in their favorite hiding places while we have guests.
•    Regular mealtimes will be kept, as close as possible, so that no pet goes hungry and attempts to eat something it shouldn’t.
We’re always glad when we can have family with us for the holidays. We don’t have them close often, but it’s wonderful to share time with them when we do. We’ll remember those who have passed on, and we’ll miss those who can’t join us this year because they can’t travel. I’m thankful for the time we’ve had with all family and friends, and I hope my readers will enjoy similar time with their loved ones. For the record, the cats are the only ones who’ll be thankful when everyone



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