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Wending toward winter

Calendars for 2013 are available in stores and I’m not happy.

I will miss my “Unlikely Friendships” calendar for 2012, first of all. Inspired by Jennifer Holland’s bestselling book of true friendships formed by members of different species, it has been a heartwarming addition to my work area. It’s inspiring to learn that animals can reach beyond species boundaries to forge friendships.

Every time I look at it, though, I wish my cats could get along with each other like these other animals do. So in the interest of promoting better attitudes among my felines, I’m considering these resolutions for 2013:

• More brushing and petting their coats is at the top of my list. It may lessen the number of hairballs they have, even if it doesn’t improve their attitude toward one another.

• More time out on the screened porch will make indoors seem warmer and the fresh air will clear their kitty-litter-fogged brains. The cats are avoiding going outdoors now, even though they love to be out in the sun during summer months. If necessary, I’m not above giving any one of them a gentle boot out the pet door.

• Cooler weather and less sunlight can influence our spirit, making us sleepy and lethargic. Pets seem to want more food and more laptime, which makes us sit more too. More playtime, especially for those who love catnip, will be compulsory. Even if it means I have to get up from my recliner.

• Bedtime will be enforced. Curling up in a warm ball at a regular time each night means more restorative sleep for man and beast. And everyone knows that a restful sleep makes for happier people; let’s hope it translates just as well for my felines.

Winter’s arrival also means there’s less sunlight, and more than a few days without direct sun can be depressing. Climates that feature plenty of rain and snow – such as my former home of Syracuse, New York – live most of the year with overcast skies. While I was living in central New York, it made me appreciate sunny days even more. I look forward to the increased daylight that begins after the solstice on December 21.

And I hold on to the hope that my cats will turn over a new leaf too.



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