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The art of sleeping

Summer! And the living is easy – if only you could regulate the temperature where you sleep. Like many of you readers, I have been having a hard time sleeping comfortably in the heat and humidity.

So, for some tips on getting to sleep – and staying asleep – I consulted the authority on sleeping: my cats. Fortunately cats can sleep all day (and night) so they have plenty of experience in this matter.

They decided to share some of their dos and don’ts of sleeping comfort.

Big hint: The sink isn't a good place to sleep if you don't like taking a bath.
Big hint: The sink isn’t a good place to sleep if you don’t like taking a bath.

Try many, many places in the house until the best sleeping spots are found.

One word: cozy.
One word: cozy.

You probably will not share the same opinion of what is the best sleeping place.

The scent of fresh laundry can lull you to sleep.
The scent of fresh laundry can lull you to sleep.

The bottom line is, you never know when you’ll find the perfect place for a good night’s sleep.

The possibilities are endless!
The possibilities are endless!

I always keep my camera handy, just in case I find a kitty indulging in sleep Nirvana.  To all, a good sleep!



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