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No fur-ther comment

View the world from your pet’s perspective, and you might wear a coat of a different color. No doubt there are some pets who would welcome owning a coat that could be thrown in the washing machine, if it meant no more bathtime. Judging from the number of videos on the internet of pets trying to avoid getting a sudsing, there are thousands upon thousands who would benefit emotionally from removable coats. No worries about getting wet, only whether to drip dry or to add an extra spin cycle to fluff up that soft fur.

(Of course I don’t suggest putting Fido in the machine. Always check household appliances for stowaway pets before you turn them on, since the outcome of a machine washed or dried animal is more than likely to be fatal.)

The problem is fur: the bane of my existence. As long as it’s intact on the animal, it’s lovely. It’s formidable, the amount of fur from five cats who shed nearly year-round. If they were all the same color, no one might notice, but there’s white, black, brown, orange and gray fur, too, on our furry felines.

Combing and brushing only seems to loosen more fur to be shed, but it does prevent hairballs and matting.

Yes, I admit I own a few lint rollers, especially for those times when I know I’m going to be among friends who are allergic to cats. It’s more often the dander that sets them off, but try to distinguish that from their fur and you’re going to need a bigger magnifying glass.

Otherwise I’m doing laundry an awful lot more than I care to, considering that I like to conserve water and electricity. (Pollen allergies discourage me from airing our laundry to dry, unfortunately.)

A few years ago, I noticed that laundry that had just been washed had just about as much fur on them as they did when they went in the washer. Then I discovered a cat, snuggled deep in the clean laundry basket, snoozing blissfully. She pines for it to be brought up from the basement, filled with freshly washed and warmed clothes.

She’s made me a better person though. Now if I’m going to do the laundry, I must be prepared to fold it all, right out of the dryer, and whisk it away quickly to dressers and closets.

Or risk wearing fur that doesn’t match my outfit.



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