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What’s up with GUP?

At the tender age of two, I was  a dictator. Not the kind seeking world domination, though. I just was not able to wield a pencil yet. In order to write a letter to my sister to convince her to be friends with me again (after some sibling rivalry that I’ve since forgotten), I had to have my mother write it all down while I thought of what I wanted to say. I said something about helping her find her true love in the pyramids so that she would stop being angry at me – but nothing to foretell my budding interest in animals.

The latter idea came in the third grade when the Fox Brothers were the main characters in my first fiction story. The consequence of all the Golden Books and Highlights magazines I had read up to that point? That very well may be. Animals and pets were to figure greatly in my life, almost as much as writing has become a favorite past time too.

My mother always encouraged my interest in animals, so it was her suggeston that I write about them long ago. When I began writing this column in 2005, it was first just in the pages of the Democrat, and eventually also online through the blogs of and at .

I’ve met some great new writers online, all of whom share a love of animals, and I’ll profile a few of them here in the coming weeks. Some live with multiple pets, some just love cats or dogs, or guinea pigs … some live with most unusual pets – most of them know a whole lot more than I do!

Meanwhile, back at home, Daisy is the senior cat now, and she likes to hang around the closet door. Is the gerbil still in there? It seems to smell to her like he might be, so she’s dreaming she can open the door.

What do YOU think she’ll find in there? What’s in your favorite closet?

What's behind Door Number One?
What’s behind Door Number One?


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